I ignored the first letter; threw it away. Then the second letter came snd described how great I was and I couldn't find fault with that; but instead of sending money to strangers for telling me how great I am; I came here instead.

Think I'll keep the letter and frame it so my wife will remember how great I am without me or my mother-in-law telling her.

Although my mom-in-law tells her on regular basis just so she won't forget; I bet noone else loves their mom-in-law as much as I do!!!!! James Randolph in kansas.

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I have been thinking about this since thanksgiving..I'm going to throw it away after reviewing everyones thoughts... My favorite is the passage that in the actual book everyone gets the book for free..

lol sometimes I can b a real sucker.. :roll


I have to admit the writers are good they get you thinking and believing in the letter and the book,(five amazing stories) they say that you only get one chance to send the $139.00 and then you get another letter telling you that they are going to give you an extra week to send in your money. This is just to good to be true, for free??

They get you going and then you wake up and smell somthing. So i got on the internet and look what I found, they had us going didn't they makes you wonder just how many people realy sent them money...


I too received this *** but didn't send in the money and they sent me another letter saying they were disappointed and basically giving me another chance to send them the discounted price of 139.95 by Friday. What's up with these people?

We are in a recession and trying not to go broke buying gas for our cars and they want 140.00!

If that's the case give me 100.00 and I'll tell u you are beautiful and talented allday! #getarealjob


What I found most interesting in ths fable book was how each person's story told of the book being giving to them not them having to pay for it.


The price has gone up to $200. I know I have special gifts and every person does and no one on the earth can give you magic you need to make the make the 'magic' for yourself. Has anyone received the so-called book yet :grin


The first letter was interesting, because you could get the secrets for free. The next was peoples testimonials.

The third letter wanted 139.95 by Friday. You can kiss my behind!!

You scammers are not going to get my 139.95. I think these scamming people should be put in jail!!!

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