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After receiving the initial letter I faxed my form ( from staples at a loss of 1.90) to receive the "orientation" booklet. In my opinion this scam not only has the potential to take people's money it seems as though they play on people's emotions to the point of a possible total breakdown.

Although I took this as a scam from the beginning,I guess I needed to see that "we accept check,M/C,Visa" whatever to be truly convinced it was a scam. I can only imagine if you had even one of the several terrible scenarios they talk about, pay my money only to be let down knowing I just lost 135 dollars my cheating girlfriend ect. These people could literally do far more than monetary damages. Ultimately everyone likes to think they are special and things of that nature.

IF your trying to take my money come up with something that doesn't bankrupt me emotionally also. Thank you to all who posted their complaints.

Thanks to technology and others who are concerned nobody has to fall for this kind of ***. P.s as far as seeing the future, it would of been my hands around their necks had I fell for this garbage.

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Rome, Georgia, United States #974519

I sent the letter back to them saying first of all buy telling tom in the case that I loved him, then I asked him if he was saved(THEY TALK ABOUT GOD A BIT WHEN THEY ARE ASKING FOR MONEY) I ask Tom to believe in his heart that Jesus would save him from his sins, then start going to a bible preaching/teaching church and get baptized and anyone else that needs redemption. Patrick S Swader

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