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These people have solicited me by mail on several occasions.They want to sell me a book of supposed secrets that will make me wealthy.I understand that I have the choice not to respond to this solicitation,but there are those people who,for various reasons,will respond to this fraudulent offer.therefore I feel that I must file this complaint and ask your office to investigate these people and,at best,prosecute them for consumer fraud,or at least shut them down.This is,in my opinion,a total fraud,preying upon certain individuals who,in this tough economy,may be desperate enough to fall for these false promises of instant wealth.

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Q. Has any one ever reseved the manuscript?

Also has one wounderd how they got your name and address ? Has any one ever checked there horoscope on line? Or played triva on line?

I thank this is whrer it begins if you answerd yes two the question !"have you ever. Checked your horoscope on line " I thank the owners of the web page sells are info: to others like" League".

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