I received the same letters as all the others and am very discussed for the thought of people preying on helpless people to scam them out of money. My gut told me to google these fools...and if it was so secretive we wouldnt be able to locate things like this on google.

This only confirmed the fact of me throwing this in the garage asap. The first letter was just to see if I would *** the bait and I did only because it was free. After that, they sent another long letter with a booklet of so called reviews from other members and want you to pay $100 for the booklet by the deadline. If not by the deadline then you would not be contacted so they say.

Two weeks later here is another letter stating this is my last chance to join the society by paying $139.95 for the book of secrets to pass down through my family generation. Then I googled....and here we are...

Reason of review: Because I google and found out this is a scam.

I didn't like: Lies and scam they tried to work on me.

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Sirly 20th I have received the same letter on July 13. it also gave a great build up.

In the letter it stated that I had to respond by July 20th. I am waiting to see if I receive another one.

As a retired paralegal I am suspicious of these letters I wish there was some way to lock these A-------H up. Thanks for your comment


I was told in a letter by the secret society that I had so many days to get back to them or I would be disqualified and never hear from them again. Well I did nothing, and guess what? They sent me another letter after saying I would never hear from them again because they want my money.

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