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The Secret Society (same come on as the Neo Tech) sends an invitation for a free report to reveal 2300 hundred year old secrets is sent.

The initial letter is very flatering and makes you curious since they are going to send this to you free.

Then the free report arrives and bingo...says to send $135 to obtain the "de-coded" secrets.

They swear on the Bible .....that should have stoped me right there!!! But, I believe God must have wanted me to write this for someone to save their money and time on the Secret Society and Kirsten Hart...possibly their soul as well!!!!

Thank you God for giving me the brains to check this out and not ever swear on the Bible.


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to anonymous Hollywood, California, United States #877238

Am I the only person who wanted to see this "Secret Manuscript"?I am financially secure enough to send this knuckle-head $139.95.

First, it's a thick black paperback book, NOT a gold embossed leatherette edition. The book is filled with stories of people who read the following two books and magically their dreams came true. This is not a scam in the proper sense of the word, but it is very unscrupulous and conniving. In the 1970's I tried an experiment.

I gave away 100,000 sets of "Lucky Numbers" for people to play the lottery with. I only asked to let me know if their numbers were winners. The final result, 5 people won $50,000 or more. 253 people won less than $25.00.

The bottom line is, this guy is betting someone will get lucky.My advice, save your money.

to anonymous Baltimore, Maryland, United States #880732

You're certifiable. You deserve to put up the money...lol

to anonymous #1017954

I have seen it, it is filled with filler words & fluff that make absolutely no sense.Yes, I did fall for it the first time & now they're doing it again.

I threw out the 1200+ page "manuscript" where it belonged, in the trash. Only to start receiving the exact same letters/invitation again.

Stump me once but never twice.Tootsie


So glad I was smart enough to check this out online, before committing to $140.00. Thank you.


I bought the book and I received a book that said Neothink by Mark Hamilton on the front cover.It looked like a Bible, and I didn't understand it, and nothing amazing happened.

I got letters from them after graduating high school in 2012 in Florida.It was before I joined the Air Force that I started receiving letters from them.

to Jayday #791316

so what did the book say i hear everybody saying its a scam has anyone ordered it and whats it about?????

to Jayday Seattle, Washington, United States #874451

Jayday do you still have the book?I'm doing a documentary.

I would love to speak with you as well as take a look at the book. I will have a notarized letter, assuring that the book would be returned to you. As well, I may want to ask you some questions on camera if your willing.

Please respond to me via e-mail.Tonja @ menbugme@gmail.com (private/personal)

Willard, North Carolina, United States #721498

Thank you for this Website.I also got a Invitation and all that.

First of all, i cant believe that they use God to back everything up and make you believe that everything they say its thrue.!!!Another thing i cant believe is, that so many People would have Paid the Money or Actually did Pay the Money and more. Im sorry becorse Money is so hard to come by these Days ok. And becorse of this Website , they was warned. good.

Thank you verry much.Yvonne

to Princess Seattle, Washington, United States #809202

It can be false god Satan! They can lie too. Duh!

Albany, New York, United States #715381

I think there is a difference between something being deceptive and manipulative and something being illegal. Almost all advertising is manipulative and plays on our desires to have more possessions, be more desirable, have greater status, or experience greater pleasure. The League mailings are doing the same thing and are offering an actual product, albeit one that is overpriced and of our debatable value. But I don't see anything illegal going on here. Recipients make the choice whether or not to purchase the report. People sell worthless items on eBay for absurd prices and we laugh at the foolishness. But we don't think of it as fraud.

I do not mean to condone this operation. People are being misled. And most likely the most desperate are the ones risking their money. Hopefully, only a miniscule percentage of people receiving the worthless booklet actually fork up the $139.95. But since I have no idea what the 1200 pages of ancient secrets would reveal to me, I am just using common sense and being sensible with my money. I guess it is possible that some members actually benefit from the information, though I doubt they are roaming the seas on their expensive boats, attracting romance wherever they go, and have conquered Wall Street. I do think the idea of possessing secret knowledge is incredibly appealing. But secrets are very hard to keep. Calling something a secret doesn't make it one.

It is interesting that this society has no Internet presence. I am surprised that their giant book is not ready for download or cannot be obtained from torrent sites. Guess hat keep the secrets more secret. And that keeps the operation low or the radar screen.

--- Joe ---

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