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The Secret Society (same come on as the Neo Tech) sends an invitation for a free report to reveal 2300 hundred year old secrets is sent.

The initial letter is very flatering and makes you curious since they are going to send this to you free.

Then the free report arrives and bingo...says to send $135 to obtain the "de-coded" secrets.

They swear on the Bible .....that should have stoped me right there!!! But, I believe God must have wanted me to write this for someone to save their money and time on the Secret Society and Kirsten Hart...possibly their soul as well!!!!

Thank you God for giving me the brains to check this out and not ever swear on the Bible.

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to Stark #832399

You are so full of BULL**** Stark! - "I found this post looking for some other information and decided to reply." You're obviously part of the scam and want to steal vulnerable people's money. Shame on you and your cohorts!

to Stark Seattle, Washington, United States #874473

Stark do you still have the books? I'm doing a documentary.

I would love to speak with you as well as take a look at any of the books or info. I will have a notarized letter, assuring that the book(s) would be returned to you. As well, I may want to ask you some questions on camera if your willing. I am not convinced that this in fact is a scam, therefore much research is needed.

I also find myself intrigued.

Please respond to me via e-mail. Tonja - menbugme@gmail.com (private/personal)



i got the same letter not too long ago. I dont know why i decided to mark it off as "yes". ill be a member. I only did it so i can see what they send me back, and once i saw it was scam asking for money, i decided to search on it.

Now i got a question..

what do i do now if i checked off the "yes" box?

Do i just block them, and not reply to anything?

or what cons may it bring?

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #643984

Thanks to the original poster on this SCAM.

I like most recieved my initial letter telling me how special I was and how they knew more about me than I knew about myself......FUNNY They mispelled my name....lol

I did respond to the initial letter even though I knew it was a scam, I wanted to see where it went.

When the follow up came i n a week or so, I reaed it completely.

Some obvious things....al Five stores described the individual after receiving the gift with no payment and all

lived in a CUSTOM home....how odd.

I am sure they will catch several unsuspect people, but thanks to this article I am not one of them.

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #634688

I have received a third letter and it stated that I could pay half and half totaling $135.

However if they can make me rich up front I would graciously give them much more than that.


Wow!! Thank you for all of your warnings.

I have received the first letter and the second with the 'first installment' and refused to send them $140...so they have sent me a third letter, giving me a second chance (Ha). Finally, I checked them out on google...so glad I did. Thanks to all of your comments, I am thankful for all of your comments (saved me almost $140!!)...a few weeks ago, I received a letter telling me I had inherited 10 million!!!

Where do these people get my address?! Do I look and sound like such an easy mark?


I received. The same letter and was thinking why in the world should I have to pay that kind of money for a manuscript. Kept my money never heard nothing back


I too received the letter at a very difficult time. It was obviously a scam, but there was an inkling of hope.

I noticed in the first booklet that none of the people from the 5 stories paid for the book. I set a letter asking why they didn't have to pay but I did. Was there some kind of mistake? After all I am extraordinary, right?

I also notice all the errors in the letters, the biggest one of course, being the names not matching at the end of the letter. Anyway, since I requested the book for free, like the five people in the pamphlet, I have not heard back from them.

Guess I'm not that extraordinary to them after all! At least I still have my money.


I was told if I did not hurry and get the book the offer would be off the table FOREVER.I threw it away after thinking GOD give's me all I need and forgot about it. Some time later the letter came again and the more I read the more I wanted all of these thing's it offered.I went

as far as pulling out the checkbook and the spirit inside of me said WAIT look on line,So I did and went WOO I dodged a bullit god bless


I received my letter about a week ago says send it back by this date and we will send you your FREE first book. Well I got it in and there was nothing in it either that made me feel like I should throw it out NOW.

I was really thinking that this was a great door being opened. Thank God for this web site because I was sending them a check tomorrow.

I very sorry for the other lady that got in way to far But Im glad that I found this site first. I agree they should be shot for praying on people that are falling on hard times.

Thank you for all your insite.


I received the first book with a bill for $135.50 to receive the second book. Should I just keep it and do nothing, or should I return it with no money?

I thought it was free.Can they come after me for money for the first book? what should I do?


I received the first book with a bill for $135.50 to receive the second book. Should I just keep it and do nothing, or should I return it with no money?

I thought it was free.Can they come after me for money for the first book? what should I do?

to spadiemcgee@gmail.com Palm Springs, California, United States #699749

Keep the 1st book, its free. the 2nd one you have to pay for upfront before they send it.

I got all the letters, even followups on me when I didn't respond. Did anyone else get followup letters? They have no real address other than a PO Box, one in Las Vegas, and one on return mail in Dallas Texas. They have a fax and phone number, and when I questioned them by sending a Fax, telling them they don't give much time to respond...

they sent another letter giving me more time. Again I didn't respond fast enough... and they had said that would be last time. I sent another fax (since I don't have long distance to call their number / no 800#), and wanted to be incognito with my own phone #...

I sent fax @ Free online fax site @ Fax Zero. They sent another letter stating I was approved to unlimited time to join! Now I go online and Google to check this Secret Society. And I find this website.

I was thinking I would. I was going to contact the Attorney General in States the letters come from. Yah, part of me was hoping this WAS NOT a SCAM. I could use some good fortune in my life.

oh well. (Or is it?

Like Stark says, good for some and not others). :cry :x


Received the letter today! It was very obvious it is a scam, I just didn't know how they would try to take my money.

After Google it I ended up in this site. Thank you all for the info.


I got the same letter and booklet. I kept falling asleep.

My take is, if it looks like a cow, it probably is a cow. No thanks, I`ll keep my $135.00 for taxes or gas lol


Someone wanted to know if anyone purchased a book. This post was on legal911.org.

This lady purchased all three and never got a meeting.

The Neo-tech secret society got in contact with me in June 2008. When I read the first letter I was kind of excited. At the time I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life. My 18 year old daughter had just moved out against my wishes.

My husband and I was going through trials and tribulations. I had just bought a house we were also going through financial difficulties.When I got the letter I thought maybe things are gonna get better. I thought they were actually gonna help me. I thought it was gonna be free so I said to myself Why not?

So after reading the first book they sent me a letter saying I HAD TO PAY for The Inside Secrets 139.99 then I would become rich and famous. My husband told me not to do it, at the time I was living paycheck to paycheck so I really couldn't afford it at all, but I went behind his back and paid for the book anyway. When I was almost finish reading The Inside Secrets they sent me another letter saying I had to purchase the Inner Circle Secrets or my membership will be canceled. That book was 99.50 at this point they had me gone I was really thinking I was gonna become rich.

So stupidly I purchased that book too. I didn't get anything out of the book. I was reading all day though. All my spare time was now dedicated to reading.

My family wanted me to stop reading because in the book it says that there is no God, and they said my attitude had changed. I had become this really strict and mean person. Again I received another letter saying I had to pay for yet another book that one was called Annabella's Secret and they stated this would be the last book I would have to purchase then and only then I could start my meetings. So once again I paid 99.50 for another book.

Well after reading the book for about 2 weeks I called them to ask when my meetings would begin, and they gave me a web site to go to, and request for my meetings to start. Well to make a long story short it has been 4 mts, and I still haven't attended any meetings. The other day I called the Secret Society to request my money back, and they gave me an address to send the books back to, but I know thats over 300.00 worth of books I paid for, and I will never be compensated. I just wanted to share my story so other poor people like me won't get scammed.

This is a ripoff. Nothing has changed in my life, and i am certainly not rich. If anything I feel humiliated, ashamed, and ***. Usually I am a sensible person, but they seemed to say just what I needed to hear.

This company should be closed down. They just wanna sell their books, but there's a way of doing that without lying, and scamming poor people. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Our government shouldn't allow this type of thing to happen to people. Be warned this is a scam.

to sherf1 Manistee, Michigan, United States #615732

Thank You all for Your comments. I too received the letter, and got the little booklet of the five stories.

I've only read the letter that came with it, and 'figured' they would ask for money to buy a 'book.' $135.50 for a 1200 page book?! Just got the letter, and they want me to sent the money by March 1, 2013. Come on! They want your credit card number too, and don't say anything about sending a check.

Thanks to the comments here, I will not be mailing them or sending them any money. I also got this letter two or three times in the past, and I remember it being the "Neo Tech" Society, or something like that. I thought it was a scam then,.. after they began asking for money ...

and a LOT of it! I was curious this time, since it had been years since I had heard from them, and wondered how they got my 'new' address? I think this should be reported to the Better Business Bureau as a scam! (if it hasn't been already).

Again, thank you all for your comments on this. If you haven't purchased anything from these guys, DON'T!! As the above person said, they will keep sending you more letters to purchase more books, and spend more money that you don't have!

Keep Your money and spend it on your family and your own needs! I think it's a scam!

to sherf1 Desert Hot Springs, California, United States #659961

Hi Sherf1, I'm curious do you still have the 1200 page book if so let me know if you can sell it to me for cheap it's only my curiosity that i have i did received the first book but don't have the money and since I've checked on the internet that it's a scam but i still want to read it...THNX here's my email: egoldenswordz@yahoo.com :)

to sherf1 Centennial, Colorado, United States #690324

I sympathize with your plight, but I cannot agree that the government should become involved. You're a big girl; you don't need the rest of us (the government) to protect you from yourself.

These guys are offering a product with a unique market approach: (1) Tell you that you are exceptional, but that you've had a couple of bad breaks; (2) They've had their eye on you; (3) they want to give you a secret that will make your problems go away - so you can become what you always knew you should have been; (4) It's free; (5) When you sign up, they follow up with a continuing series of offers; (6) So long as you keep sending them money, the offers will continue. I bet they earn a lot of money!

to sherf1 Seattle, Washington, United States #874499

Your story has me in utter shock! do you still happen to have the books?

Did you receive your money back? I'm doing a documentary. I would LOVE to speak with you, as well as take a look at any of the books or info. You would be willing to share.

I will have a notarized letter, assuring that the book(s) would be returned to you. As well, I want to ask you some questions on camera if you would be willing to help me get this story out. I am intrigued by your story. Please respond to me.

PLEASE!! I think you have something that bo one else has to offer. After you email me I can give you my phone number and we can talk further. I'm so very excited to speak with you.

e-mail. Tonja - menbugme@gmail.com (private/personal)


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